Community Services

When you come to a new country and a new community, we understand that you will need help in getting settled.

There are several services in the Bay of Quinte region to help you get established.

Quinte United Immigration Services (QUIS)

Newcomers to the Bay of Quinte region have access to outstanding community services including Quinte Immigration Services (QUIS), which provides direct, essential services to meet the needs of newcomers after their arrival in Canada. QUIS Services are free and include assistance with legal immigration issues, assistance with government paperwork, assistance with Canadian taxes, housing, job help, schooling including ESL, information on Service Canada & Service Ontario, etc.

QUIS will help you avoid any cultural and language barriers that you may be concerned about when coming to Canada. They host monthly information sessions and community events that will help you integrate into the community quickly. These events are free of charge and provide helpful advice on a wide array of topics including social, financial and healthcare information.

QUIS through Central Eastern Ontario Translation & Interpretation Services (CEOTIS) can provide certified written translation and verbal interpretation in many languages for a fee.

Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education

Canada has two official languages - English and French. English is the primary language spoken in the Bay of Quinte region.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and the Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade (MCIIT) provide English as a Second Language (ESL) classes in Belleville at Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education, affiliated with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board.

Newcomers and Canadian citizens whose first language is not English, will learn to understand, speak, read and write English to help with their transition to living in Canada.

Classes are free for government-sponsored LINC and ESL community members who will learn the language as well as learning about Canadian culture, get ready for employment and meet new friends.

Transportation and child care assistance are also available for LINC learners as newcomers to Canada.

Quinte Local Immigration Partnership (QLIP)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) created Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) to strengthen local capacity to attract immigrants and improve integration outcomes for these newcomers through enhanced economic, social, political, and civic participation. The QLIP Partnership is comprised of a group of over forty significant Quinte Region organizations including local and regional governments, local school boards, community organizations, the immigrant serving agency, language training providers, local associations and bodies, health care providers, employment networks, chambers of commerce, businesses and economic development corporations.

The QLIP Partners examine services currently available and considers how the delivery could be enhanced, modified, or expanded to facilitate equitable access to services for newcomers and build upon the greater Quinte area’s capacity to provide a welcoming and inclusive community.  They realize that immigration is important and integrating newcomers into the community is good for everyone. The website for the local Quinte LIP is

Presently, about 35% of Canada’s population lives in three places—Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Roughly 75% of newcomers to Canada settle in larger cities. However, more and more immigrants are choosing to live in smaller places like the Quinte Region. Some of the reasons are: cheaper housing prices and opportunities to set up a business. As well, newcomers to smaller places often integrate more quickly, as they have more Canadian friends and contacts.

As more newcomers settle in smaller centres, these areas then become more comfortable for other newcomers. Also, a greater number of immigrants settling in smaller places brings about the creation of services to assist newcomers.

Central Eastern Ontario Translation and Interpretation Services (CEOTIS)

CEOTIS is a division of Quinte Immigration Services (QUIS) that was founded in 2002.  Our agency has provided precise, immediate, accurate and confidential linguistic translation and interpretation services to a large number of agencies, businesses and individuals for over 10 years.

CEOTIS interpretation and translation professionals are well trained, experienced, ethical, impartial and linguistically fluent. CEOTIS provides services in over 125 languages to help break the barriers to communication. We service the Central Eastern Ontario region from Lindsay to Brockville, Bancroft to Prince Edward County, for both translations and interpretations. CEOTIS is located in the Bay of Quinte region.

For a details on our services and a list of languages please visit us online at:

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