We’re going to let you in on a little secret…life doesn’t get any better than it is in the beautiful Bay of Quinte region in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. We are one of Canada’s best kept secrets. But, it’s OK if you let others know. We won’t blame you.

The Bay of Quinte (pronounced quinn-tee) region is the perfect mix of rural and urban living, world-class amenities, outstanding natural attractions and career opportunities. Best of all, we are located right in the middle of many of the most popular cities in North America.

Life in the Bay of Quinte region means close access to many lakes, forests, beaches and other natural attractions while also providing urban amenities including shopping, dining, schools and entertainment.

We enjoy activities in all four of our distinct seasons and have welcomed a diverse group of cultures into this unique community.

The Bay of Quinte region is home to the nation’s largest Canadian Forces base as well as many Fortune 500 employers. We enjoy world class theatres, museums, art galleries and restaurants and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Residents have many housing options in the Bay of Quinte region, from rural farm houses to urban homes including single family, semi-detached and apartments for sale and rent.

The Bay of Quinte region is made up of several communities, including Belleville, Quinte West and Prince Edward County and each has unique neighbourhoods and attractions for you to explore and enjoy.


Before You Arrive
After You Arrive
  • Community Services

    When you come to a new country and a new community,
    we understand that you will need help in getting settled.
    There are several services in the Bay of Quinte
    region to help you get established.

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  • Quality of Life

    When we talk about the Bay of Quinte region being
    one of Canada’s best kept secrets, it’s because of
    the quality of life that we celebrate
    in our community.

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  • Explore Our Neighbourhoods

    The Bay of Quinte region is rich with different housing options.
    Here are some great neighbourhoods in the Bay of Quinte region
    to get you started in your search…

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