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When Frédéric Picard first came to Canada 2002, he didn’t expect to stay here forever and he’d never heard of Prince Edward County. More than 14 years later, Frédéric  is now a Canadian winemaker and part of the unique culture that makes Prince Edward County such an important part of the Bay of Quinte region.

Frédéric is Winemaker at Huff Estates Winery, one of nearly 40 wineries that call Prince Edward County home.

Frédéric said that he loves the balance of rural and urban lifestyles that life in the Bay of Quinte region offers.

“People (are) always friendly. They smile. You don’t have the impression to be a stranger. You have the impression that you are part of the community right away which I think is important.”

Photo of Frederic Picard
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    When you come to a new country and a new community,
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    When we talk about the Bay of Quinte region being
    one of Canada’s best kept secrets, it’s because of
    the quality of life that we celebrate
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