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Getting into the Swing of Things

Martin Whitebread has lived in many places around the world but has settled nicely into his life as an entrepreneur in the Bay of Quinte region.

Martin moved to Canada half a decade ago to work for an international aerospace company. When the Canadian division of that company was shut down, Martin started looking for a new opportunity.

He loved playing golf and spent as many days as he could on one of the many beautiful golf courses in the Bay of Quinte region. He knew that the one thing that was missing was the chance to play when the weather wasn’t as good. He came up with the idea for Rhino Sports and Play and found some investors that were interested in the idea and loved his combination of passion and previous experience as a carpenter.

They added other activities including an artificial ice rink, rock climbing wall and play structure for younger kids.

“It’s been a huge learning curve for me,” Martin said. “It took 18 months really from concept to actually getting this place going. I’m the front man here, but because of my carpentry experience, I could build all the simulators and I could help put ice rink in, so nearly all the construction around here has pretty much been me.”

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