Dharmendra (India)

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Working on his future

Like many new Canadians, Dharmendra Chudasama moved to Toronto when he first came to Canada in 2003. But after a few months, he realized he was looking for more from his Canadian experience. He was researching job opportunities and saw one that he liked in Belleville so he moved to the Bay of Quinte region with his wife and young son.

The job opportunities and quality of life in our area was exactly what Dharmendra was looking for.

“When I talk to my friends who are in Toronto and other big cities even after 5-10 years in Canada they are still living among their own community and they haven’t experienced the real North American living or the real culture,” Dharmendra said. “I find that because I came to a smaller town like this I can blend in better than somebody that is in Toronto.”

Dharmendra speaks regularly at Quinte United Immigration Services (QUIS) events helping other newcomers adjust to life in Canada. He provides helpful advice on the job market and how to find a career that suits each individual.

He enjoys feeling like a part of the community in his new home.

“I always found people were very welcoming and they are always kind, they never judge me based on my skin colour or my accent or stuff like that,” Dharmendra said. “I have an unusually long name and not a common name that people can understand here but I never see anybody making even the slightest bit of fun. I have a different accent, different name, different beliefs but I’ve never had any kind of issue and it has always been a welcoming experience.”