Dr. Jinni (Russia)

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Born to be a veterinarian

Dr. Jinni Demine remembers when her parents first started buying her books about veterinarians and pets. She was a four-year-old in Moscow, Russia but her parents already had big dreams for their little girl. Jinni did grow up to be a veterinarian but she’s practicing in Quinte West, Ontario, Canada and couldn’t be happier about her surroundings.

“I love this area,” she says. “There is no traffic, clean air, safety. All those things as Canadians we take for granted. Coming from such a country as Russia, we don’t take those things for granted. I have three kids and I just can’t imagine raising them anywhere else but in Quinte West.”

Dr. Jinni owns the Trenton Pet Hospital and is looking forward to opening her brand new location in Quinte West in the spring of 2016.