Luisa (Italy)

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Helping Others Find Their Way

When Luisa Sorrentino remembers her first few weeks in Canada she wishes that she had someone that would show her how to get the most out of life in the Bay of Quinte. Now, she’s helping others find their way.

Luisa vividly remembers her first winter in Canada. “It felt so cold,” she said. But it didn’t take her long to notice that her new friends and neighbours embraced the cold and in fact – had lots of fun in it. “Once I learned to dress properly for the winter, it wasn’t so bad at all,” Luisa said. “In fact, I started to enjoy some of the winter fun that other Canadians were enjoying and it made the winter months something that I looked forward to.”

Four different seasons is just one of the things that makes living in the Bay of Quinte appealing to Luisa. She also loves the activities that she can do with her seven year old daughter Sofia year-round. “We have so much fun doing things that we never could have done if we lived in Italy.”