Carolin & Alex (Switzerland)

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Helping Others Find Their Way

The first time Carolin Boysen brought her young daughter to Prince Edward County, she knew that the region was something special. Carolin and Alex Lacher had moved to Canada in 1999 and after spending time in Haliburton, Ontario and British Columbia, they decided that The County was their perfect new home. They opened the Twin Birch Suites & Cottages in Wellington in 2013. Now they are among the first to welcome new people to the region.

“I get the map out of The County and point out all the stuff to do and where to go and most of the time they are surprised at how much The County has to offer,” Carolin says. “They thought ‘oh, it’s tiny little island and they have some beaches and it’s cute’ but then you go deeper into explaining and they were like ‘wow’. Usually they say ‘we have to come back because there is so much to do and we can’t do it in just a little time we have’.”

After spending more than 15 years in the banking industry in Switzerland, Carolin and Alex are happy to have settled into their new lifestyle in the Bay of Quinte region.