Tino (Philippines)

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Serving up Amazing Weekends

Tino Agpoon sees a lot of smiling faces every weekend in the summer. But, the smile on his face may be the biggest.

Tino welcomes hundreds of Filipinos to his family camp on Oak Lake in Quinte West each weekend during the summer. They come from other cities around the province including Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa and St. Catharines. In addition to worship services, his guests enjoy lots of fun in the sun and on the water.

“They get a lot of great family time and experience things they’ve never experienced before,” Tino said after taking several families out for a high speed tubing experience on the lake. “I’m so blessed that I get to do this.”

Tino moved to Canada with his parents in 1988 and has been in the Quinte region operating his camp since 2008.